Looking to transform a wall into a work of art?

Get in contact with us! Send us an email to laceyandlaylaart@gmail.com with:

  1. What we would be painting? (wall, garage etc.)

  2. The dimensions

  3. The type of surface (brick, cinderblock, drywall, etc.)

  4. Location (geographic location, interior/exterior etc.)

  5. A brief description of your mural needs

  6. Time restrictions or deadlines (if any)

  7. Photos of the space or wall in question

Let us get to know you! In order to  help us get an idea of your preferences and style you could send us any or all of these items:

  1. Inspirational photos

  2. Images or artists or art you like

  3. Moodboards

  4. Colour schemes

  5. Sketches

  6. Logos or anything else you may want to be included in the mural

We will respond in with a quote which will include artist fees, supplies, design fee, travel costs (if applicable) and proposed date for execution and completion of the mural.

Our artist fees are based on a day rate of 10 working hours multiplied by the number of estimated days. The number of estimated days is determined by the murals complexity, size, location, and surface.

Material costs are estimated at 20% of the total project fee but may vary slightly depending on the individual requirements of each mural.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or interest, we are more than happy to spend the time to discover your creative needs, and we guarantee that we will continue developing a mural that you or your business will admire for years or decades to come!


Lacey & Layla!