Lacey & Layla
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“Notre jeunesse, notre future”

“Pillars of the community”

“Look Closely”

“Tiffin on Jasper”

“Grow old with me”

“Womxn Paint-2018”

“Wood Buffalo” murals

“Shark crossing”

“For the sake of paint”

“Strange Love”

“Grow old

with me 2”

“Joeys” murals


“Creston” murals

“Bar Palco”

“St. Jude’s food store”

Gulu, Uganda

“Amaze, West Island”

Trois B

“Tavern on Whyte”

St. Jude’s Children’s home

Gulu, Uganda

“Amaze, St. Henri”

Trois B

“Blow Pops” Under-pressure Festival